to Live Well is to Work Well

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to Live Well is to Work Well

Workshops, Coaching & Massages

Vibrant Health Through Plant-Based Nutrition

These historic Summits were held at the Hippocrates Health Institute in West Palm Beach Florida on January 14, 2006, April 28, 2007, and May 2, 2009.
The Summits convened to unify the leadership in the Living Food Movement, establishing scientifically based common standards for optimum health.

Leaders from eight countries (with a combined total of over 500 years following this lifestyle) agreed on the following standards:

The Optimum Diet for Health/Longevity:
• Vegan (no animal products of any kind, cooked or raw)
• Organic
• Whole Foods
• At least 80% raw (the remaining to be Vegan, whole food, and organic)
• High in nutrition such as vitamins, antioxidants and phytonutrients
• Highly mineralized
• Contains a significant quantity of chlorophyll-rich green foods
• Contains adequate complete protein from plant sources
• Provides excellent hydration with a large proportion of high-water content foods and pure water
• Includes raw vegetable juices
• Contains all essential fatty acids from naturally occurring plant sources
• Has moderate, yet adequate caloric intake
• Contains only low to moderate sugar and exclusively from whole food sources (fruitarianism is strongly discouraged)
• Contains minimal amounts of unprocessed salts, as needed (depending upon your constitution)
• Is nutritionally optimal for both detoxification and rebuilding

We also agree:
• Eating local, ripe, seasonally available foods as appropriate is adviseable.

• Deficiencies of both Vitamin B-12 and Vitamin D are common issues for mental and physical health, for anyone on any diet. Plant-based supplementation of Vitamin B-12 is imperative. Adequate Vitamin D levels can be maintained with sufficient sun exposure. When exposure is inadequate, take appropriate levels of plant based Vitamin D supplementation.

• The addition of enzyme active superfoods and whole food supplements is also advised.

• Caffeinated and/or addictive substances (even in their raw form), such as cacao/chocolate, coffee, caffeinated teas, and alcohol are highly discouraged.

• This way of eating can be further optimized by tailoring it based on individual needs (within the principles stated).

• Benefits derived by following these principles are proportional to how well they are followed.

• We will remain open-minded, and this information will be updated and expanded upon, if necessary, as new research becomes available.

• Diet is a critical part of a healthy lifestyle, yet not the entire picture. A full spectrum, health supportive lifestyle is encouraged. This includes physical exercise, exposure to sunshine, as well as psychological health. Avoiding environmental toxins and toxic products is essential. Paramount is pure water (for consumption and bathing), the use of natural fiber clothing, and non-toxic personal care products. Also consider healthy options in home furnishings/building materials and related items.

All participating leaders agree that eating according to the International Living Food Summit Guidelines will significantly address the urgent issues of health, environmental sustainability, world hunger, and a compassionate respect for all life.


Source: Raw Food Works by Diana Store

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