to Live Well is to Work Well

Workshops, Coaching & Massages

to Live Well is to Work Well

Workshops, Coaching & Massages

Lente in het Amsterdamse bosTake one conscious breath. Look away from the screen, or whatever you are doing,
If you can, look at something natural, a plant or the sky, if you can't, look at a light, and breath in and follow the breath with your attention into your body and when it flows out.
What does it do? It takes attention away from thought and puts attention into the body. In other words, it creates space in your consciousness, because while you are following the breath with your attention you're not thinking, and when you're not thinking (but you haven't gone to sleep), you've created a space in your consciousness and there ... that's it. So that's just one conscious breath occasionally, two is even better or three, but that's fine, that's enough.
Conscious breathing is one the oldest forms of meditation, probably already recommended by the Buddha who is supposed to have said:

"Just be conscious of your breath for one hour and you'll be totally enlightened."

But if you miss just one breath you have to go back to the beginning ;-)

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Magalhaensplein 15-A (GoFysio)
1057 VD Amsterdam

Telefoon: 06-24913511

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Erik Kluit (gediplomeerde masseur/docent):
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Workshop partnermassage

Workshop Partnermassage ➤

Workshop Massage basics ➤

Workshop Massage basics vervolg ➤

Basiskennis intuïtieve massage.
Alle workshops zijn met z'n 2en,
zonder andere cursisten,
3 uur, 150€ (75€ p.p.)

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Alle workshops worden (ook in het engels) gegeven door de gekwalificeerde, ervaren masseur/docent Erik Kluit.